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Why This Wiki?

This wiki is intended to be a resource for foster parents and adopters of WAGS Rescue & Referral dogs -- and any other homeless dogs who find themselves in need of foster or forever homes.

My dog Pongu, adopted from Morris Animal Refuge in August 2010

WAGS is an exclusively foster-based rescue group. We can only save as many dogs as we have homes for them to stay in. By fostering or adopting, you are saving their lives.

I won't lie: Fostering a dog is a lot of work. A lot. But it is also extraordinarily rewarding to know that you have made a meaningful difference in the world by not only saving an innocent animal, but helping that animal navigate the difficult and confusing journey from her old life into her new one.

Most of our dogs come from relatively poor, less urbanized areas of the South. Some spent their early lives as "yard dogs," chained or penned outdoors. Others were the result of "accidental" litters, stuffed into a cardboard box and dumped at the shelter with all their siblings. Many are just picked up on the side of the road as nameless strays, wandering far from the homes that threw them out.

Their stories are mysteries, but their natures are not. These are good dogs. They're great dogs. They are, as a group, extremely sweet, affectionate, and people-oriented. All they need is love, security, and a little bit of polish. Good foster homes provide that, and thereby make all the difference in the world to these dogs.

Before You Foster

Getting Started

The Work

Patches, a 14-week-old puppy found suffering from demodectic mange. Rescued from Liberty County AC by Carpathia Paws in December 2011

Placing Your Foster Dog

Additional Resources